Food Tips , To Help You Age Well.
Getting older often means making changes to ensure a robust quality of life.
These five food tips are great practice to sustain your health all the way through.
1, Pass on processed meat.
According to a recent Harvard study.
just a single serving of processed meat a day can lead to a 42 percent increase in heart disease risk and a
19 percent increase in a person’s diabetes risk.
2, Get colorful.
Health experts recommend eating fruits and vegetables of a variety of colors.
especially darker colors including blueberries, kale and cherries.
3, Reconsider packaged foods.
Packaged foods are often highly processed.
so experts recommend skipping those for alternatives such as sweet fruits or raw nuts.
4, Choose products with
less ingredients.
When you do choose to eat packaged foods.
picking those with fewer and more recognizable ingredients ensures you’re getting a healthier product.
5, Instead of supplements…
… consider spending money on a gym membership or healthy foods.
… consider spending money on a gym membership or healthy foods.
Supplements can be expensive and the extent to which they are effective is questionable.

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