Eating Red Meat Every Day Raises Risk of Early Death Meat-lovers: beware. A new study finds that eating just 200 grams of red meat a day dramatically raises your risk of heart disease and early death. 200 grams is equivalent to
6 pieces of bacon, 3 sausages or
7 ounces of steak. The University of Eastern Finland study found that men who ate more than 200g of meat per day were 23% more likely to die in the next 20 years. Those who had less than 100g, or 3.5oz, did not face this risk. The American Institute of Cancer Research recommends a maximum of 510g, or 18oz, of red meat per week, or just 2.5 oz per day. Eating too much red meat is especially dangerous for those with type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular conditions and cancer. Similar health risks were not found in other animal proteins, such as eggs,
chicken and fish.

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