Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes;
Symptoms and signs of diabetes can include but not limited to:
Excessive thirst and urination
Weight loss
Hunger and fatigue
Blurry vision
Numbness or tingling on the feet
Dry mouth and itchy skin
Slow healing cuts or wounds
Frequent infections
Erectile dysfunction
Chest pain
Diabetes is a growing health epidemic. Most of the time people are diagnosed incidentally, by chance during a regular blood work or occasionally with typical symptoms of diabetes.
One of the diagnostic criteria of diabetes is a random blood sugar about 200 mg/dL with the symptoms. So, what are the symptoms of diabetes?
Let us review the common symptoms of early diabetes or uncontrolled diabetes.

Many patients come to me with a diabetes diagnosis. As an endocrinologist diabetes is more than half of what I do every day. I get frequent questions which is how can you tell if you have diabetes? Early warning symptoms or signs of diabetes can be so mild, you may not even notice them. Sometimes diabetes can happen so quickly that you may be hit hard by the diabetes signs and symptoms. Patients with type 1 diabetes typically present with symptoms of diabetes virus, type 2 diabetes, in particular, can have some very subtle signs. Sometimes blood sugar can be very high before the diagnosis of diabetes. frequently blood sugar control can be lost sooner or later after the diagnosis. My goal in my practice is of course to prevent any symptoms or signs of diabetes. Symptoms and signs of diabetes are typically more noticeable with uncontrolled (high) blood sugars. On the other hand, many patients aren’t diagnosed until they develop problems from long-term damage caused by diabetes. Whereas, symptoms of type 1 diabetes occur much more rapidly and tend to be more severe.