What are the clinical questions that should be driving the use of genetic tests? What development strategies do we need to make that happen? There have been no substantial endeavors designed to consider what clinicians and patients need and want; nor what the public health system needs to do a better job: can genetic testing address obesity, diabetes, heart disease? What are the pressing clinical questions that would benefit from genomic applications/genetic tests? How would we go about shifting to this focus from one that usually has the application driving the uptake, rather than the need driving the development of genomic applications? Are we raiding the medical commons with unnecessary follow-up?

Moderator: Marc Williams, Geisinger
Holly Peay, Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy
Kathie Sutherland, El Camino Hospital
Norman Kahn, Council of Medical Specialty Societies
Steve Gutman, BlueCross BlueShield Technology Evaluation Center.

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