Cancer & Metabolism

Hello, this is the healthy skeptics video for Monday, February 26 times Steven Cherniskie. We’ve talked a lot on this blog about, uh, my favorite motto, which is if people knew better, they would do better. So Natalie and I, my wife and I are devoted to helping people understand how their body works. And in that regard we’ve been talking a lot in our book as well as on his blog about amp activated protein kinase or otherwise known as AMPK. AMPK is an enzyme which exists, uh, in the muscle and the liver and it’s an energy sensor. And the importance of the why we talk about it so much, it’s all about energy is because afb k is the energy regulator. During times when there is a need for cellular energy, a Kay will tell the body where to get that energy. And we focus on it a lot in terms of maintaining ideal weight.

Because it tells the body to burn fat. It tells the body not to make so much fat because it readily available. Energy is more important than just adding more fat to adipose tissue. AMPK is important to improve exercise tolerance to make exercise easier and more enjoyable. Um, so in our book, we identify a number of amp kinase activators of the things that stimulate the production of the became Alpha lipoic acid, probably the number one ampk activator Berberine, which is an herb resveratrol, which is a nutrient derived from a grape seeds as well as a Japanese knotweed, a calorie restriction or otherwise known as fasting activates AMPK. Remember, AMPK is activated when there’s a cellular need for energy. And also I put here the, the drug metformin. Metformin is a very valuable, AMPKactivator, especially for the treatment of type two diabetes is a very common drug for type two diabetes.

In fact, if you look at the data, uh, there’s a, there’s a hint as to where this discussion is going. Because not too long ago, scientists looked at type two diabetics that were using metformin a versus type two diabetics who are on other antidiabetic drugs. And they noticed that the metformin group had a lower incidence of cancer, and if they got cancer, they had a higher survival rate. Compare it to the diabetics who are not taking metformin and now at the same time I got to remind you that a low carb diet, this and frame a low carb diet is also a metabolic modifier. It is also going to activate ampk. Kay, look at that quote, a relative deficiency and carbohydrate intake, even in the absence of caloric deprivation is sufficient to activate the [inaudible] energy sensing cellularly network in humans, skeletal muscle, and there is your reference now.

That’d been the case. The case. Really important. Wow. What is this interesting connection between amp K and cancer? It turns out that I am [inaudible] is a master regulator of energy needs and energy use in the body and it appears from an increasing amount of research that amp k is not only helping the body to burn fat and maintain

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