Wight of puny might
Junk the junk food
it’s dynamite
Shun the Sugar
it’s cyanide.
Avoid drinks and give up smoke
transform yourself into a nice bloke,
And you wont have diabetes nor stroke;
for depression cannot be
hidden in whirls of smoke
nor anxiety cannot be
shrouded by a joint of coke.
Nor Alcohol can dissolve the
molecules of stress
Nor amphetamine can
give you an ace in race.

The body tyrannizes by deluge of desires
bear the lashes of excesses diet
insatiably taken day and night;
It is attacked by army of trans fat
and terrorist of cholesterol.
The arteries are thickened
and body is sickened;
Diabetes and strokes becomes
unwanted guest,
A penalty of satisfying
wanton tastes.

But when a man of vision
performs yoga in all seasons,
that suffuses his cells with
rejuvenating divine oxygen;
Then hidden viruses
on suicidal mission
gets trapped in
fortified cellular garrison,
And the bullets of oxygen
punishes them for trespassing,
with the charges of treason,
And all pampered cell rejoices
in unison without reasons.

Be considerate; Be moderate
Be calm and cool
Don’t be a damn fool
Treat your body as a precious tool.
Drink a wine of joy and peace
or a wine of contentment and bliss;
For they are wines of health-
Nay all beings true wealth.



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