Matthew Dolan is DexCom Incorporated’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of the New Markets division. He is responsible for the creation of this division, as well as many aspects of the company’s long-term plans for success and profitability. His ability to see the future potential is in no small part thanks to his diverse background in healthcare and business.

He was a pre-med student at Northwestern University before he began his career in full. His studies were founded upon his compassionate nature and interest in bettering the world. Soon, he saw the potential for creating longer-lasting and farther-reaching changes in the medical industry by pursuing economic and business improvements that could build foundational changes. With this in mind, he added economic studies to his schedule and graduated with a B.A. in economics.

His first serious career was as a research analyst, and this role provided him with a great deal of information on the new markets and trends within the healthcare industry. He achieved a great deal of success in developing relationships and networking in the field, which provided both him and the company of Roth Capital Partners with a truly impressive portfolio of clients and partnerships.

One such partnership was with Volcano Corporation, which would later be bought by Philips. The company hired Matthew Dolan, providing him with a high-level position in business development, where he would continue to research, develop, and engage with new markets and developing technologies which he recognizes as innovative and revolutionary.

Today, Matthew Dolan works with DexCom Inc., a leading diabetes management technology company. He has been responsible for strategy, development, and investor relations since 2015, and since early 2019 he has been responsible for the entirety of the New Markets division. His work with the company has provided essential care and technology to thousands of diabetics, and Matthew has personally been responsible for the development of major partnerships with organizations like Eli Lily and Insulet. Additionally, he has overseen acquisitions of two smaller organizations, a distributor and an algorithm technology company. He is proud of the good that his work is doing in the world and eagerly pushes himself to continue developing the company’s potential for success and improvement.

Outside of the work he does, Matthew is an accomplished outdoor enthusiast and athlete, spending much of his time biking, running, and swimming.

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