Leading medical authority Dr. Neal D. Barnard provides readers with a way to use food to protect against chronic and terminal health problems caused by the excess hormones that are lurking in our diets.
Cancer, heart disease, infertility, and diabetes are just a few common health problems plaguing Americans. On some level, these diseases can be considered genetic, or just a stroke of bad luck. But Dr. Neal D. Barnard points to a hidden culprit: Hormones hiding in our foods, making us sick, tired, and uncomfortable. Common foods high in hormones are having a dramatic influence on our overall health, from something as minor as menstrual cramps to serious terminal illness. But it is possible to restore the hormonal balance of the body through strategic eating, and alleviating many of the most pernicious symptoms simply by changing the way we eat. Your Body in Balance is loaded with prescriptive advice for developing healthier habits and low-fat, vegan, hormone-balancing recipes to regain that control and reverse the damage. Most importantly, it promises a hopeful future of a less pain, lower weight,, and better overall health.

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