?Haider Warraich’s elegant and poignant book takes us on an unforgettable journey. A caring and thoughtful doctor, he also writes beautifully.? ?Siddhartha Mukherjee, New York Times bestselling author on Modern Death

In Heart of the Matter, Dr. Haider Warraich takes readers inside the ER, inside patients’ rooms, and inside the history and technology of heart disease.More people die of heart disease than any other disease in the world, including even cancer. In fact, deaths from heart disease are on the rise around the world and in the United States. When any heart disease becomes advanced enough, it results in the development of heart failure. In the United States, heart failure is the most common reason for admission to the hospital. Heart failure strikes both the abject and the affluent. And yet, even the most basic facts about heart failure remain known by few who don?t work in medicine for a living. Many patients develop heart failure without having any problems with their coronary arteries. Heart failure can affect anyone at any time: a child recovering from a viral infection, a woman who has just given birth, a cancer patient who received chemotherapy or anyone with any number of common conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or sleep apnea.Warraich’s signature blend of lucid writing and compelling narrative explores the complex discussion about heart failure with accessibility and compassion.

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