You’ll be shocked when you discover the real ages of these 10 celebrities who look much younger than they really are. Being in the public eye makes many famous people focus on what they look like. Some go the cosmetic surgery route, but plenty stay looking youthful through a combination of diet and exercise. We all have our assumptions about famous people’s ages, so prepare to drop your jaw when you find out the facts about these celebs that are way older than you think. And start taking notes as we reveal how they stay in shape and look great.

A clean-living approach is a popular way to stay looking young amongst this group of celebs. Jared Leto’s vegan, hiking lifestyle has meant he’s defied science and remained incredibly youthful. Ellen DeGeneres also credits her vegan diet and daily yoga program as two of the reasons behind her youthful appearance. The talk show host also keeps things simple in the skincare department, simply washing her face and moisturizing. Pharrell Williams had a similar answer when asked how he stays looking so young. Rather than being a vampire, which a surprising number of people suspected if Google search terms are anything to go by, Pharrell is actually just a sucker for a regular trip to the basin to wash his face to keep looking young.

Some celebs are motivated by illness to stay fit and healthy. Halle Berry, whose age you will not believe, has talked about how her diabetes diagnosis at 19 led her to focus on her diet and exercise regime in a bid to help manage her disease. Others, like Sofia Vergara, are refreshingly honest about their desire not to age, and Gwen Stefani admits that vanity is one of her motivators for staying in shape. And when you hear Sandra Bullock’s conversations with her son about the ageing process, you’ll fall in love with the actress and little Louis all over again.

Exercise regimes make a big difference to how young a celeb looks, and there are plenty of different approaches in this list. Lenny Kravitz, like Jared, is all about being outdoors in nature. Oh and he never leaves home without his jump rope. It’s not just about having a healthy body, though, it’s also about having a healthy mind, as Lucy Liu proves with her meditation.

Watch our video to discover these 10 stars’ secrets to staying in shape and looking way younger than they are, and get ready to be shocked when we reveal their actual ages.

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