Exercises to stimulate the nervous and endocrine systems
Action: Body dysfunctions reflect on the mind area and vice versa. Serious neurotic and self-destructive behavior and attitudes also manifest as imbalances in the body. One of the quickest ways to correct this imbalance is to physically stimulate the nervous and endocrine systems to change the instinctive patterns of the brain, mind and subtle body system (chakras). Once we achieve this, we come to energy balance.
♾︎♾︎♾︎♾︎I will create an individual physical or breathing complex for recovery and prevention of diseases and blocks in the body. Learn to tune in and listen to your body, then it will always be grateful to your soul for such attention and you will always be in harmony with the outside and your inner world.♾︎♾︎♾︎♾︎

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I send you rays of goodness and love.

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